Where can I download a normal development environment?

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    Where can I download a normal development environment?
    All I found is that it works halfway or does not work, the arm compiler generally has a 48 kb limit, there is very little information, examples and documentation about the FR801x chip, why is everything so bad? There is not even a hello world example.
    FR801x this is a very fast, efficient chip compared to avr and stm, it would be a good competitor to esp, but there is zero information and not good software on it!

  • You can try to use GCC. I recommend using none_evm/ble_simple_peripheral to get familiar with the SDK. Also we are preparing user guide of English version.

  • @owenWhere can I download a normal development environment? 中说:


    I downloaded many different versions of gcc, but none of them could compile anything and wrote errors..

    ble_simple_peripheral is not as simple as hello world

    Why can't you make the development environment all in one?
    You have to download everything from different places and even sdk from different places are different
    From everything that I read and looked at, I still did not understand how to set I / O ports and initiate the microcontroller (I did not find anything where it was written about this) so that it does not do anything, such as in avr:

    #define F_CPU 9600000UL
    #include <avr/io.h>

    int main(void) {

    // Set I/O
    DDRB |= 1<<PB4;//Pin 4 as output
    while(1){ }


    This is one of the problems, and the main problem is that the examples for FR801x cannot be compiled