Keil v5.38 how to setup it to compile the ble_simple_peripheral ?

  • Hi at all,
    there is a guide step by step for how to configure keil to correct compite the ble_simple_peripheral?
    When i double click on the file "ble_simple_peripheral.uvproj", keil starts and display this form, i selected "Migrate to Device Pack", it's right?


    After this selection appear this window that i close because i don't know what to select, it's right?


    After that keil asked me if i want to migrato to use pack device, i selected Yes, it's right?


    Here i selected this device, it's right?


    This window confirm the migration


    Then when i try to compile there are a lot of errors


    I'm a beginner, please, can anyone help me?
    Thanks a lot

  • maybe your keil licensed error